The experience and portfolio to help you succeed

Successfully working with a diverse range of clients has provided us with the experience and knowledge to help you innovate. Our CI experts can help you manage, organise and grow your intelligence projects to maximize the benefit to your organisation.

Advice is given before and after the sale to ensure you are set-up correctly and continue to meet objectives, covering areas such as:

Project Scaling

When and how to expand your project can make or break its success. Your consultant will give you a strategy for its size, dependent on what you want to accomplish.

Volume of Users

How large a database of users is enough? It’s easy to think everyone in your organisation needs a login and dashboard, but often this isn’t the case. Experienced with both large and small companies alike, our team can recommend the best place to start from.

Source Connection

AMI Software prides itself on it’s relationships with content providers. Many of our most demanding clients require premium source connection, and we open the conversation with those content providers to reach an outcome to please all parties.