Exchange experiences and practices with other AMI clients and users

Special AMI client club!

We are always eager to place our customers at the heart of our development strategy. We organise several events per year to showcase our product and give you a chance to meet other AMI Software users.

Club AMI is the opportunity to exchange practices and experiences with intelligence professionals in a friendly setting.

  • Meet your peers
  • Submit guidance and product developments to our team
  • Preview innovations developed by AMI before they come to market

Roundtables: Enriching user testimonials

Benefit from listening to the feedback of others.

  • Come to authentic interventions delivered by users
  • Exchange on concrete cases and pass your experience of the previous day
  • Increase efficiency by relying on the AMI community

Workshops AMI: Learn and benefit

Exchange your practices in small groups and share the fruit of your work to the entire AMI community.

  • Challenge your knowledge of AMI tools to improve your skills
  • Capitalise on the collective intelligence that emerges
  • Benefit from the expertise of AMI coaches