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The importance of tracking the weak signals when Intelligence Monitoring


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Marketing – Listen to what your customers are saying about your brand and products across social platforms and blogs.

Strategy – Develop Competitive Intelligence to ensure you are one step ahead of your rivals.

Knowledge Management – Automate the manual search and distribution processes you use to create more time for analysis.

Research & Development – Increase your awareness of new industry technologies to better design your new products.

Compliance – Be alerted to changes in the law and newly published legislation that impacts upon your business.

Consultancy – Enhance your client offering with in-depth research and superior analysis tools

Market Intelligence is data that your business can make a decision on. It enables you to anticipate changes in your markets and tailor your strategy for success. By implementing a Market Intelligence project, you can find ways to exploit the wealth of information circulating on networks, analyzing the information to gain responsiveness to change. Market Intelligence will enhance many different disciplines, including competitor research, market analysis, and legal monitoring. Our Market Intelligence software, AMI Enterprise Intelligence, uses a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model. This means there is no need for installation on your servers and access is through a secure Cloud login. Using consumptive billing, we automatically adjust your data usage to fit the project budget.
Tracking what your competitors are doing will help shape your own strategy. Modern markets are highly-competitive, so tracking your rivals is essential to your own business growth.  Competitive Intelligence is analyzed data gathered from public sources, primarily concerning competitor products, customers, market activity and occurrence in the news. This data will strengthen predictions on competitor actions and market movements. Once obtained, Competitive Intelligence helps to define your own market strategy, powering the decisions that will give your business the edge.
Managing online reputation is vital to maintaining success as a business. Reputation, when damaged, can take years to win back with both consumers and businesses.  E-reputation is also about finding ways to listen and understand the needs of your customers, active or potential. The e-reputation solution proposed by AMI is based on our patented Text Mining technology. AMI Opinion Tracker software gives you the ability to listen to customers; to innovate; to anticipate; start a conversation with your customers; detect spheres of influence; and measure and analyze the impact of your communication strategy.
Horizon scanning is a strategy for detecting future threats and opportunities, traditionally focusing on technological developments. The method calls for determining what is constant, what changes, and what constantly changes. Software can aid horizon scanning, since it can collect information automatically. Desk research involves a wide variety of sources, such as web sources, non-governmental organisations, international organisations and companies, research communities, and on-line and off-line databases and journals. Horizon scanning gives a company the information to improve strategic decision-making and anticipate developments in their markets.