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  • Competitive intelligence software

    Why use competitive intelligence software?
    The growth of data networks such as the Internet and the information contained on them has given rise to the potential for new insight and intelligence development through the targeted collection and analysis of information. Organisations need to understand and capitalise on the value of all information circulating on networks for strategic decision-making purposes. There is a growing need for professional tools that can automatically detect and analyse relevant information among the ever-increasing mountains of unstructured data that reside in every organisations online environment.
    Deployment of a Competitive intelligence software solution fills this need.

    Market intelligence software >

  • Market intelligence software

    Why use market intelligence software?
    Market Intelligence consists of gathering and analysing relevant markets information It identifies early warning signals determining market opportunity, market and customer orientation, market penetration strategy, better market selection and positioning and competitor analysis. With the growth of the internet, and the information on it, organisations have new opportunities to better understand their markets and competitors.

    Market intelligence software helps organisations listen to the market, by detecting, collecting and analysing what’s important. Market intelligence software process follows three steps:

    • Collect: Search and Collect information in compliance with a Collect Map
    • Validate and publish: Information is validated, published and shared among users
    • Analyse: the information is analysed to help decision making

    AMI develops solutions to capitalise on the value of information. AMI Enterprise Intelligence is a market intelligence software solution based on a patented technology specially engineered to collect, analyse and distribute relevant information. For example, AMI Enterprise Intelligence helps organisations to better understand customers expectations detect evolution in a competitor’s product development or capture market trends key to improving the decision making process

    Software for horizon scanning >

  • Software for horizon scanning

    Horizon scanning: what is it?
    The immense quantity of information accessible on the web represents real potential for strategic intelligence development. Delivering the correct information to the right person at the right time is a real challenge. To be more competitive a company needs to know about all the information that might form part of a strategic intelligence plan such as information about competitors, technological advances, the market in general.

    Horizon scanning software brings fast and very significant returns-on-investment to this process.

    AMI Enterprise Intelligence our horizon scanning software solution, based on our patented technology specifically engineered to collect, analyse and distribute relevant information which can reside inside or outside a company. AMI Enterprise Intelligence is the most comprehensive horizon scanning software solution available today.

    Social media monitoring >

  • Social media monitoring

    Why the social media monitoring ?
    With the growth of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter user-generated content can be rapidly available to significant global audiences. For any organisation it is important to monitor and understand these sources to in terms of managing customer expectation, reach and reputation.
    Social media monitoring allows the user to do this by monitoring and analyzing all types of Web 2.0 media (blogs, forums, social networks).